Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Famous Zim elephant bull shot dead

Angus Shaw | Harare, Zimbabwe
07 January 2008 04:32

Tusker is dead, shot by rangers after New Year's revellers at a safari camp provoked the elephant into trampling several cars, conservationists said on Monday.

Tusker, a towering 50-year-old bull, was shot on Sunday at the Charara camp on the shores of Lake Kariba, 370km north-west of Harare, parks officials and the independent Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force said.

"Tusker was the resident Charara elephant ... he was a legend and a great favourite of tourists and locals alike," said Johnny Rodrigues, head of the trust.

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The real criminals

Environmentalists are angry at what they believe to be a chromium-processing plant operating "clandestinely and illegally" from an important catchment area which provides water to half the Tshwane area.

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